Scholarship Programs

Funds for scholarships are raised from targeted initiatives, donor-directed funds, and other sources. GTSSF makes it a priority to raise funds and give out as many scholarships as possible in a given year. Funds are not guaranteed to be available every year. 

Scholarships are available for GTSSF athletes based on financial need. These scholarships are to assist GTSSF skiers and snowboarders whose participation requires financial support beyond what their families can supply. 

The scholarship working group is made up of five people: one GTSSF Board Director, the Executive Director, and three other individuals with preference given to those who are not GTSSF employees or board members. The scholarship working group is charged with the selection, management and oversight of the scholarship disbursements. 

Applications and scholarship requirements can be found at  All applicants must:

  1. Be a registered participant of GTSSF for the upcoming season.
  2. Pay 50% of the program fee
  3. Have a $0 account balance heading into the season.
  4. Submit the application form and required documents by the deadline. 
  5. Have completed all prior year volunteer hours.


Because funds are limited, scholarships will be awarded to those athletes enrolled in, and committed to, the more full-time programs, where costs of participation are considerably higher. We make every effort to keep entry-level programs affordable and an excellent value. 


GTSSF athletes and families who receive and accept scholarships must agree to adhere to the policies and procedures set forth by GTSSF. Policies and procedures may include, but are not limited to, completing volunteer requirements and writing thank you letters. If an athlete, and/or his/her family, violates GTSSF policies and procedures, or withdraws from GTSSF for a non-injury related reason, the athlete and his/her family may be responsible for refunding a prorated share of the scholarship.   


Need-Based Financial Scholarship. Registered participants may apply for need-based scholarships where the ability of the family to pay program-related fees will be factored based on information supplied in the application. The committee is charged with selecting need-based financial scholarship recipients based on certain criteria. All committee members will review the need-based financial applications once the deadline has passed and make selections. Awarded scholarship funds will be credited to the athlete’s account to be applied to program fees after the 50% payment has been paid by the athlete. Deadline for applications is September 15th.

Merit-Based Financial Scholarships. Athletes are recommended by coaches and/or board members to receive these scholarships.  They are awarded at the end of the previous season. 

  • Pete Dexter Scholarship – intended to help athletes make the transition from development to a competitive team by lowering the cost barrier, $500 award.
  • Streubel Legacy Scholarship – funds are designated to cover all competition fees including registration for one athlete for the upcoming season.  As funds are available, the award may also serve as a gear stipend for athletes to purchase new skis, poles, boots, etc.

Competition Fee Scholarships. These scholarship awards are automatically applied to an athlete’s account when competition fees exceed $275/athlete/competition.

  • Rich Beesley Alpine Race Scholarship – only applied to alpine race competition fees
  • Waterloo Sparkling Water Scholarship – applied to competition fees for any discipline

Athletes who receive funds from either of these two scholarship funds are required to write a thank you letter at the end of the season as a condition of accepting these awards. In addition, Waterloo athletes must also display a Waterloo Sparkling Water sticker on their equipment. No additional volunteer hours are required as a result of receiving these funds.

GTSSF also considers scholarship requests throughout the year should a family need additional financial assistance.

More information on scholarship programs using our social share or email links below.

Please refer to this webpage for the most current application deadlines and instructions.  If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact the GTSSF [email protected].