Full Winter Session, December 9/10 – March 12/24

Snowboard Devo is designed for FUN! Emphasis will be on fundamentals such as exploration, all-mountain riding, etiquette, and sportsmanship. Coaches will provide an all-mountain experience, including hike-to-ride areas and terrain parks. The goal is for athletes to gain experience and build confidence in a fun, motivating environment that incorporates play, fun, basic agility, balance, coordination, and development of endurance. At least 90% of the time will be spent freeriding.

Ages: 6-12: You are under 13 as of Dec 31.
Maximum Participants / Coach Ratio is 7:1

Skill Development/Focus

Emphasis on play, fun, snowboarding, balance, agility and coordination. Riders will learn basic turn shapes and riding styles. Through effective stance and efficient movements, they will learn to control their board and perform a variety of fundamental tasks.

Skill Assessment *required

Athletes should have at least one season of snowboarding under their belt and be able to put on their own equipment, ride the lift without help, get back on their feet from sitting/kneeling, and link turns.

A skills assessment in the first week to determine if the program will be a good fit. The skills assessment criteria are below. If a child is not yet ready for programs, families can leave any payments on their account to be used at a future date or receive a full refund.

Any children who participated in programs last year may register and participate without doing the skills assessment.

We will conduct the USSA SkillsQuest Assessment on the 1st day of practice. The assessment determines which group within the program your athlete will participate. Should your athlete need to work to improve on any of the skills with this assessment, we will recommend moving back to Devo. Athletes will be recommended to move from Devo to Intro on coaches’ recommendations.  Athletes will be recommended to move from Intro to U10 Alpine or Freeride on their coach’s recommendation.

Skills Assessment Criteria

  • Athletes can load and unload all Grand Targhee lifts independently with no assistance, put down the bar, and be aware of lift safety (sit back in the chair).
  • Ride on Shoshone and Dreamcatcher, at a minimum.
  • Participants must be able to put on their own equipment.
  • Ability to turn edge to edge.
  • Drills to assess turning, stopping, and navigating cat roads.
  • Coaches may require additional skills not listed here.


Not Required, however, athletes are encouraged to compete in fun-focused local events. Local Events offer lots of comp experience, are inexpensive to enter, and are an excellent way to meet new peers.  

  • Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club events information is found here
  • Grand Targhee events are here.
  • Snow King events here.
  • Jackson Hole Mountain Resort events here.

On Snow Schedule

Saturdays & Sundays for 16 weeks from 9:00am to 12:30pm.  16-week Session: December 9/10-March 23/24.