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SNOWBOARD COMP (U12, 12-14, 15-18)


Emphasis is placed on exploration, all-mountain riding, etiquette and sportsmanship. Coaches will provide an all mountain experience including hike-to areas and terrain park. The goal is for athletes to gain experience and build confidence in a fun, motivating environment that incorporates play, basic agility, balance, coordination and development of endurance. At least 90% of the time will be spent freeriding. Dryland and trampoline training is recommended.

Ages: U12 You are under 11 as of Dec 31.
Ages: U15: You are 14 as of Dec 31.
Ages: U19: You are 18 as of Dec 31.
Maximum Participants / Coach Ratio is 7:1

Skill Development & Focus

The focus of the snowboard comp team is to ride all terrain and explore the mountain. Through effective stance and efficient movements, riders will learn to control their board and perform a variety of fundamental tasks such as: riding in control, turning from toe to head, performing simple switches, carving basic turns, completing a basic Ollie, riding a flat base for short periods of time, riding easier moguls or trees and making powder turns. In freestyle terrain, riders will become comfortable grabbing over small jumps and exploring rotations both front and backside as well as simple rail features. Athletes should be comfortable riding varied terrain, some features in the park, and all mountain riding. Riders should have 4-7 years of snowboarding experience.


Introduction to competitions at FUN local events.

Not Required, however athletes are encouraged to compete in fun focused local events. Local Events offer lots of comp experience, are inexpensive to enter, and a excellent way to meet new peers. Grand Targhee or Wednesday Night Lights at Snow King.

  • Grand Targhee events are here.
  • Snow King events here.
  • Jackson Hole Mountain Resort events here.
  • IFSA National Northern Schedule is here.

* We are the Northern Region, You can compete in one out of region event per season.

On Snow Schedule

Saturdays and/or Sundays (Comp 2 Day) at Grand TargheeResort. (As Scheduled by Coaches)

Training Schedule (An example of a typical week of training)

  • Wednesday, 1:30pm-4:00pm
  • Saturday and/or Sunday, 8:30am-3:00pm

Academy Program

Riders can participate in the mid-week Academy Program offerings.

Dryland Schedule

Riders are highly encourage to participate in the GTSSF Trampoline sessions at Teton Indoor Sports Academy. Workouts include: gymnastics, trampoline and tumble track.

Athletes are also highly encouraged to attend the Strength Training Program.
*One session of each Trampoline and Strength Training are included in this program


  • Boards: Appropriate all mountain board based on height, weight and skill level.
  • Boots: Proper fit and flex to facilitate a balanced, athletic stance.
  • Protection: Helmets are required.
  • Avalanche Equipment: A beacon*, probe, shovel, and a board carry back pack. 
    All Avalanche Equipment is required for out of bounds or slack country travel. Coaches have no discretionary options for athletes who have either missing or improperly maintained avy equipment. 
    *Ortovox avalanche kits are available for rent through GTSSF.  Contact GTSSF if you need to rent a beacon.

Competition Licenses

Not Required, consider IFSA or USASA if you are participating in the comp schedule.