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INTRO Alpine & Freeride (U8/U10)

Winter Session 1, December 9/10 – January 27/28
Winter Session 2, February 3/4 – March 23/24*
* Registration deadline Is January 15, 2023.
Full Winter Session, December 9/10 – March 23/24

The Intro programs are designed to let athletes test out race and freeride training in a low pressure environment, at a lower cost, and with less required equipment than the full race or freeride programs. They provide experience in gates and greatly improve turning abilities.  Guided free skiing and drills are an integral part of the Intro programs. Athletes will get comfortable with bumps, varied terrain, and skills needed in big mountain situations.

Additionally, coaches will focus on good decision making, positive self talk, work ethic, perseverance, task oriented skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. They will encourage the use of imagery and visualization. This is a great option for younger kids looking for the next step up after the alpine development program.

Ages: 8-12 You are 11 or under as of Jan 1.
Maximum Participants / Coach Ratio is 7:1

* Each Intro program must have 5 athletes. If you register for this program and there are not enough athletes signed up by Nov. 18th we will provide alternatives.

Skill Development/Focus

Emphasis on fun athletes will develop sound ski fundamentals by skiing a variety of terrain and through drills that refine linked, carved turns. Athletes will be introduced to race fundamentals. Coaches will use a variety of course sets, conditions and terrain to teach athletes to adapt to different situations. Emphasis will be on responsible and realistic decision making in big mountain scenarios and technical tricks. Athletes will ski all areas of the mountain including hike-to areas (beacons required) and terrain park.

Skill Assessment *required

Any children under the age of 7 may register and go through a skills assessment the first week to determine if the program will be a good fit. Skills assessment criteria below. If child is not yet ready for programs, families can leave any payments on their account to be used at a future date or receive a full refund.

Any children who participated in programs last year may register and participate without doing the skills assessment.

We will conduct the USSA SkillsQuest Assessment on the 1st day of practice. The assessment determines which group within the program your athlete will participate. Should your athlete need to work to improve on any of the skills with this assessment, we will recommend moving back to Devo. Athletes will be recommended to move from Devo to Intro on coaches recommendations.  Athletes will be recommended to move from Intro to U10 Alpine or Freeride on the coaches recommendation.

Skills Assessment Criteria

  • Athlete can load and unload all Grand Targhee lifts on their own with no assistance, put down the bar, and aware of lift safety (sit back in the chair).
  • Skiing 90% parallel. Able to ski all lifts. Desire to improve skiing skills.
  • Ski on Shoshone and Dreamcatcher, at a minimum.
  • Participants must be able to put on their own ski equipment.
  • Ability to ski parallel most of the time.
  • Drills to assess turning, stopping, and pole planting.
  • Coaches may require additional skills not listed here.

On Snow Schedule

Saturdays and/or Sundays for 8 or 16 weeks from 8:45am to 12:30pm.  Sessions will always begin by meeting at the base of the Shoshone lift unless otherwise specified by your coach.


  • Skis: One pair of freeskis at chest to head height with a variation based on height, weight and skill level.
  • Boots: Soft, even forward flex for ankle movement to facilitate a balanced, athletic stance.
  • Protection:  Helmet and goggles are required.
  • Poles: One pair, sizing is forearm horizontal while grabbing below pole basket with pole handle touching snow 

Ski Passes

Pass prices are not included in GTSSF program fees. Grand Targhee Resort passes must be purchased directly through Grand Targhee Resort. Athletes participating in Nordic are required to have a Teton Valley Trails & Pathways Nordic Sticker. A Grand Targhee Resort, Nordic pass is encouraged.

GTSSF will not be hosting programs on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or New Year's Day, so our coaches and families can enjoy that time with their family and friends.  We do intend to provide make-up days for all participants for those three days based on coaches' and athletes' schedules. Look for an email from our coordinator with opportunities for make-up sessions. 

Event Transportation

GTSSF vans will be available for the 2023-24 season.  Shuttles or other rides will be coordinated by coaches and race parents based on where athletes attend school and the needs of other teams.  Transportation is never 100% guaranteed. Travel expenses are not included in program fees.

Payment Plans

If an athlete anticipates participation in multiple competitions over the course of a single season, that family may prefer to set up a payment plan monthly or bi-weekly to cover the estimated costs. An additional invoice will be sent after each event for any balance owed to account for the difference between the deposit and the actual cost. GTSSF does not mark up any event costs.

Payment Policies

GTSSF payment policies can be found in our Parent Handbook, available online here.

Refund Policies

GTSSF refund policies can be found in our Parent Handbook, available online here.

Work Deposit & Family Participation

One deposit of $175 is required per family; purchase your participation deposit here. Positive parental support is essential. Families are encouraged to get involved with club activities and volunteer for race events. ​The deposit is credited at the end of the year if volunteer hours are fulfilled.